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Amiad USA 

Strainers and Filters

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

Process Equipment - Field Erected and Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

SBR -  Sequencing Batch Reactor Systems

ISO-Disc - Disk Filter

IMAS - Intergrated Membrane Activated Sludge


ULWF Ultra Low Waste Filter

Self Cleaning, Non-Backwashing Cloth Filters for small to medium flow applications

BTaD - Batch Treatment and Dewatering

Treatment and dewatering of solids from low flow streams

Splitter Boxes - Flow splitting for filter feeding and other applications

Beacon Water Technologies


GDisk - Pile Cloth Disk Filtration for Tertiary, Phosphorus and Water Reuse Applications


Brentwood Industries

Water and Wastewater Treatment Products

Accu-PackĀ® Tube Settlers, Accu-GridĀ® Walkways


SedVac™ Cable-driven Sediment Dredge Systems

Polychem Systems/NRG Non-Metallic Chain and Flight Sludge Collection Systems

Polytech Helical Skimmers, Rotary Scum Troughs, Power Skimmers

Cascade Pump Company

Custom Engineered Low Head, High Capacity Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps

Flows to 200,000 GPM


Induced/Forced Draft Aerators for Iron Oxidation/Degasifiers/Decarbonators for H2S and CO2 Removal

Ebara Pumps America

Submersible Non-Clog Sewage Pumps, Grinder Pumps and Self-Priming Pumps

Gryphon Environmental

Automated Sludge Drying Technology - Cost Effective Sludge Dryers for any plant size


Hendrick Screen

Passive Intake Screens and Air Burst Systems

Hungerford and Terry

Iron Removal Filters, Softeners, Carbon Columns

Greensand Plus™ Media for Iron Removal

Organic (color) Removal Filters


Vortex Flow Inserts for Sewer Odor and Corrosion Control

Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc.

Filter nozzles/strainers, monolithic filter floors, resin traps

Poseidon Filtration System - Complete systems with floor underdrains, filter system controls, backwash troughs, air heading piping and filtration media

Pall Corporation

Hollow Fiber Microfiltration or Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology for Water Treatment


Pump Controllers, Cellular Remote Monitoring, Telemetry and SCADA Products

Providing Sales and Service for Autocon, USFilter, Siemens and Healy-Ruff systems

Prime Solution (NC Only)

Rotary Fan Press and Fan Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Systems (NC Sales Only)

Spaans Babcock

Archimedes Screw Pumps, Aerators, Bormet Fine Screens, BPS and RWK Washer Compactors Presses